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SAF offers fishing trips in Møre og Romsdal region. We provide sea and freshwater fishing tours for families, tourists and fishermen. Phone / e-mail: +47 96 74 06 53, smartarcticfox@gmail.com

NO: (+47) 967 406 53

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Reference / day sea fishing trip from PlusCampn Bud Camping / location – Hustadvika

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Reference / day sea fishing tour from PlusCamp Bud / location – Hustadvika

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Reference / 2 days guided salmon fishing trip / location – Orkla River

Reference / trekking and fishing Norway / location – Moldefjord, Aursjovegen, Trollstigen

Reference / guiding for DID Adventure / location – Moldefjord

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„The best fishing trips ever!Thanks to SAF"


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„The best holiday ever!!! Thanks to SAF, and namely thanks to Filip Soucek, I had a chance to get to know this amazing country of many opportunities closer. Besides cycling and hiking, I experienced the beauty and adventure of fishing in the sea and pristine nature the first time, but definitely not the last!!! The experience I´d recommend to all admirers of natural beauties, no matter if they are real
outdoor enthusiats, or just want relax and enjoy peace and quiet :-)“



„Regards to all fishermen and others! In 2014 I had a chance to go salmon and trout fishing to the Eira, the Driva and the Orkla rivers with SAF. Everything was arranged excellently, including the fishing guide, whose advise what to do and how to do it, was really helpful in winning the best catch. As for me, it was the best fishing holiday in my life (I´ve been fishing for 25 years already). I heartily recommend to use services of SAF. This year I´m going a hundred per cent again!“


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„Our holiday has been great thanks to SMARTARCTICFOX agency – from planning the whole stay to clear demonstrations of basic skills, such as making flies or preparing filets. We were absolutely astonished at fantastic Norwegian landscape, and the whole experience was backed up with Filip´s perfect acquaintance with the local spot and the surroundings. We are coming again as soon as there´s a chance, because there´s a lot to get to know in Norway. Thank you, SAF! Elizabeth and the rest of the crew:)“



„I have already tried a couple of Czech fishing agencies offering holidays and trips in Norway. The experience was usually kind of dull and juiceless, for the guides had poor knowledge of the rivers. This spring I´ve tried up SMARTARCTICFOX. Their perfect organization, the  heartily individual attitude of the guide and his familiarity with the local terrain really got me!!! I´ve bought another holiday this very year!“


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„Any decision that you make is based on either your own or other people´s experience. When choosing a chainsaw I go in for Stihl; thinking of an electric drill then definitely Bosch. Simply the things that are effective and reliable. So I can´t imagine coming back to Norway without Filip. That´s the choice.



„Norway is the matter of my heart, so my comment is no doubt biased. In September 2014 we set out on a fishing holiday in Heggdalu, where we enjoyed a great week of joy and unforgettable experiences. We went for trips and fishing, and spent some time relaxing on our cabin´s terrace. Simply cool. The service was great, we were given a fair deal, things always followed the schedule or previous agreement. Filip´s management and guidance was perfect, almost flawless (we only didn´t succeed in getting the halibut). SAF is definitely worth recommending.“


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„Considering out-of-the-ordinary holiday in the solitude of pristine nature, no matter whether fishing or not, far from the shrilling holiday-makers at all-inclusive breakfast buffet .... So a friend of mine, who looks like a rockstar and has spend most of the last 10/12 years in Norway, knows the way – and can arrange such holiday for you! That´s a must-try!“ 



„Great thanks to Filip for the exquisite service. He showed us the amazing Norwegian scenery, taught us fishing in the sea and he makes the best fish in the world! :)   We are coming back again, hoping to see more what this beautiful country can offer. Big up for Filip and SAF!!!



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