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The fishing guide SMARTARCTICFOX offers fishing trips in Møre og Romsdal region. We provide sea and freshwater fishing tours for families, tourists and fishermen.

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The fishing guide SMARTARCTICFOX offers assistance in the salmon river. I specialize in the area of central Norway (Møre og Romsdal) – the Eira, the Driva, the Orkla rivers. For sea and fjord fishing enthusiasts there´s another SAF´s product available – sea fishing in local fjords.

Who are our partners in Norway?

Quality information and familiarity with the local terrain in Møre og Romsdal region (concerning not only fishing) is based on my long-time experience and is chiefly based on close contacts with the local salmon and outdoor elite. I have been co-operating with a prominent Norwegian team-building company DID Adventure, with the manufacturer of Norwegian salmon fishing lines 2INSTINCTS, the exclusive salmon fishing lodges AUNAN and GRANLY, with the bunch of salmon freaks from EIRA-FLYFISHING, and the world-known arctic explorer Vera Simonsson, who is the head of the outstanding VEGA EXPEDITION project.

About me, the project and my motivation

It´s worth mentioning that the whole project has been emerging slowly for years. It ´s based on my relation to the nature and the landscape that has always fascinated and inspired me. Since my early adulthood I have been setting out for backpacking expeditions with the fishing line to many dangerously beautiful spots of the world – Greenland, Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Alaska, Yukon, Patagonia - Chile, Argentina...

In fact, this is how the name of the whole project originated – SMARTARCTICFOX didn´t spring up out of blue. I was inspired several years ago, when crossing several challenging fjords in north-east Iceland. For about two weeks the arctic foxes, following me on my way, were my only pastime and a sort of encouragement. Their skills and the ability to survive in tough conditions inspired me a lot - not only for the name of the agency.

Fishing guide service - salmon and sea trout fishing

  • location - Møre og Romsdal / Sør-Trøndelag
  • salmon and sea trout fishing (fly fishing, spinning, trolling)
  • rivers: Eira, Driva, Orkla
  • lakes: Osvatnet

Fishing guide service - deep sea fishing

  • location - Møre og Romsdal / Norway
  • deep sea fishing (spinning, jigging, trolling)

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